About WIN ‘15

Know about the biggest blogging event and why you should be there!

What Is WIN '15?

WIN ‘15 will be a daylong event on 20th September, 2015 at a 5 star hotel in Mumbai, with several interactive sessions and workshops with the most creative minds this country has to offer. Why? For bloggers, brands and digital media enthusiasts to experience everything related to blogging through workshops and sessions by giants in the field of creativity.

Write – Sessions & workshops designed to help you shine in the blogosphere through great content which plays to your strength.

Inspire – What’s next? What’s new? Questions that every blogger has. Questions that will be answered at WIN ‘15. Stalwarts from creative fields will tell you how to pave the way to greatness through your blog.

Network: Meet the brightest minds in the Indian blogosphere and rub shoulders with some of the best creative minds from India and abroad. WIN ‘15 is the best cauldron for magical ideas and thoughts to be exchanged, and we’re sure you don’t want to miss it.

Why should you be at WIN '15?

Simple. Because it has something for everyone.

  • Are you a blogger who wants to get better at the art of blogging?
  • Do you have an eye on the future of blogging and online media?
  • Are you a digital media student who wants to meet and interact with big names who you aspire to be like?
  • Do you wish to update your blogging skills and make them relevant to the ever changing blogosphere?
  • Do intelligent interaction and discourse excite you?
  • Would you rather have a hands on experience of a skill than just read about it?
  • Do you wish to network with the best creative minds in the country and exchange ideas?
  • Are you a brand who wants to harness the power of blogging to expand your reach?
  • Did you attend WIN last year and want a more amazing WIN experience?

Things to do at WIN '15

  • Speaker sessions – You have heard of them, now is the time to hear them live at WIN ‘15. Listen to illustrious speakers talk at the event and get to learn from the best.
  • Panel Discussions – Experience the clash of brilliant minds in the WIN ‘15 arena as they talk about issues that affect everyone associated with creative fields. Transform your world view through these intense discussions, and make your voice heard during the interaction.
  • Workshops – “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”, says Confucius. Learn the tools of the trade in extensive workshops conducted by veterans, which we guarantee you’ll not forget for a long time to come.
  • Networking – Where do seasoned professionals, bloggers old and new, students and the biggest online brands come together? At WIN ‘15, of course! Network with like minded people across the spectrum and enrich your online and offline lives.
  • Memories – Apart from the program, there are many surprises and goodies at WIN ‘15 which will make it 20th September, 2015 an unforgettable date for you!

Story About US

WIN is a BlogAdda initiative that began in the year 2014. WIN is a festival to #CelebrateBlogging, making it a must-attend event for everyone who is passionate, or even curious about blogging.

Write. Inspire. Network – The three core elements around which the day long event will revolve. WIN ‘15 promises to have something for everyone:

We believe bloggers write to inspire others with their ideas and thought processes. It is very joyous to maintain a blog, therefore, we at BlogAdda wish to revel in this joy with all our bloggers.  WIN was conceptualized to bring bloggers under one roof and make their presence felt to the world. After the roaring success of WIN ‘14, we are back with a bigger and better WIN ‘15 this year.

We aim to provide a physical platform to bring together all the knowledge and learning about blogging followed by an evening of recognizing and honouring the best of the blogs that won the hearts of thousands of readers and the esteemed Jury of BlogAdda Blog Awards.