The illustrious speakers who will be a part of WIN ‘15 sessions and workshops

Aditya Magal

Writer & Blogger | Author of how to become a billionaire by selling nothing, secret journal of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Blog

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Actor, Writer, Singer and Painter

Archana Doshi

Founder and Chief Food Specialist at Archana's Kitchen

Ajay Jain

Road Tripper. Everything else I do is incidental.

Sruthijith KK

Editor in-Chief Huffington Post India

Harini Calamur

Media Professional - TV, Film & Digital Content. Strategy

Ashok Lalla

Digital & Marketing Advisor to brands & agencies

Prashanth Challapalli

Sr. Vice President & Digital Head, iContract

Krish Ashok

Head, Social Media & Workplace Reimagination Practice, TCS Digital Enterprise

Siddharth Kannan

Master of Ceremonies

Satya Raghavan

Head of Content Operations, YouTube India, Google

Anaggh Desai

‎Co Founder at 1+99 Experience Consulting

Rezwan Islam

Regional Editor for South Asia, Global Voices Online. Blogger, Social Media Enthusiast, Translator, Wannabe Photographer

Nandita Iyer

Chief Food Imagineer at SaffronTrail

Natasha Badhwar

Writer & Media Professional

Lakshmi Pratury

Host and Curator, INK Conference